drw, .ink 8/24; ...i. 9/21/011


  1. A perfect visual interpretation of a dreaded toothache that plagued me several months back.

  2. That's bad--try oil of cloves directly on the gum when you can't get to a dentist. An old 'balm' but a good one, if you don't mind the smell.

    It does look like a tooth. I was thinking of a green heart.

    This is one I may redo one day. I'm usually like General Sherman when it comes to these--burn an' forget. But this one lost the initial expression it had in my first mental flash; something which often happens, especially if I wait too long to draw what I saw.

    So, instead, it looks a bunch too much like a hundred other cats I have or could have drawn.

    It always nags at me later when I know I've fallen back on old drawing habits, every time I see it again and knowing I've been too trite.