drw, ink 8/.17 '011


  1. Fuck, that's a funny one. :D

    The King (or is that, Prince?) of all things 'Chook'? Love it, 'specially his li'l crossed hind legs.

    God, I need all these illos collected on a big arse poster to adorn a few of the walls at home here. Would sit comfortably the other assorted 'mental' wall-pegged pieces, ie. Polish film / art posters (Wieslaw Walkuski + Andrzej Pagowski), Jed Alexander's "Elephants" + "Crow", Phil Hale, etc.

    Each new piece truly is wonderful stuff, Rick. Please keep at it. :)

  2. 'Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya', as Gomer Pyle says.

    Think this guy is some sort of Chinese fried chicken mascot, shunted aside as horrid, but still with a mistaken idea of his own importance. (Almost a whole implied 'backstory' there. Not my norm with these things).

    Note the 'omega' on one of his hat buttons. :)

  3. Victor Wong reincarnated as a chicken?