"Someone's Little Deer" drw 1/30, i 1/31/'012


  1. Man, there is something about this particular illo I find even more effective (AND disturbing) than those that have come before. Don't exactly know why this is, though feel has something to do with this poor creation's truly fucked-up physicality. There is, to my eye, a vague "Goddess Bunny" feel to this poor 'deer' - and that's always a scary thing to compare to. I keep waiting for your "unfortunates" to spoil (?) my dreams any day soon - thankfully such has not yet occurred. Brrr....

  2. High praise if they do invade dreams. :) This one was done pretty fresh off the griddle: a day or two after it (dully) flashed into mind. Perhaps it's just the stare or the androgyny of the thing that stuns.

    Forgot about the Bunny--you tipped me to her when we were chatting about Amy Sidaris' hook arm photos.

    I actually wanted the front legs even thinner.
    But, there's always a point where you have to stop such or the ink lines will merge.